・Eye catching & bold dalmatian leotard.

・A high-quality velor fabric is used for the collar, which resembles a Dalmatian fur.

・Azkki wear’s original ribbon cut that makes your waistline look sharper.

・A high leg cut line that makes your legs longer.

・Highly elastic fabric prevents uncomfortable tightness around the crotch and hips.

・S-A to L-A sizes come with a base that can insert a bra pad.

・Proudly made in Japan.

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Size XS-J S-J M-J S-A M-A L-A XL-A
Bust (in) 24 – 26.4 in 25.2 – 28.3 in 27.6 – 30.7 in 28.3 – 31.5 in 31.1 – 34.6 in 33.5 – 36.6 in 33.5 – 36.6 in
Hip (in) 26 – 29.5 in 27.6 – 30.7 in 30 – 33 in 32.3 – 35 in 33.5 – 36.6 in 35.4 – 38.6 in 35.4 – 38.6 in
Height (ft’ in”) 4’1″- 4’5″ 4’5″- 4’9″ 4’9″- 5’1″ 4’9″- 5’1″ 5’0″- 5’4″ 160-168 5’5″- 5’8″
Junior size Adult size
Return policy
Defective product:Please contact asukadancewear@gmail.com If there is a problem with the product due to our defect,we will refund all the amount you paid and we will bear the return shipping fee. We will deliver the products within 7 business days including the date of your order. If you would like a replacement, we will send it at our expense. (However, it is limited to unused and unwashed condition.)
Return date: Return date Please return the product within one week from the date of your order.
Return shipping fee: If you would like to return it, please contact asukadancewear@gmail.com. If there is a problem with the product due to our mistake, we will bear the fee, but if you wish to return it for your convenience, we will not bear the return shipping fee. In case of size change, only unused and unwashed items can be changed within 2 weeks after purchase. If the product is defective, please contact us within one month and we will replace it. (Limited to unused and unwashed condition.)

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