Asuka Kiyosawa

Designer of Azkki Wear
2003- Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Japan.

2008- Started ballet at the age of 5.

2014- Received a scholarship to train at the Kirov Academy of Ballet at Washington D.C. at the age of 11.

2015- Learned the earnest technique from Ms. Zoya Dolgikh at the National Kiev State Ballet School in Ukraine. Developed interest in ballet costumes and began designing ballet wears.

2016- Studied at the City Ballet School - San Francisco.Received training from Galina Alexandrova, and Marianna Lobanova. Helped sewing in the costume room in between ballet rehearsals.

2021- Graduated from the City Ballet School - San Francisco and the Woodside International High School of San Francisco. Received the honor roll for 4 consecutive years. Soon after graduating, she poured her passion into bringing the 480 designs in life. ​Starts dancewear brand called “Azkki Wear” under the TRAUMSPORT CO.,LTD.

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