In 2021, Azkki Wear was established under Traum Sports Co., Ltd. as a new brand that handles ballet products. Traum Sports Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in weightlifting equipment that has been in business for 20 years.

Our company has been trusted by many athletes for many years and holds more than 90% of the domestic weightlifting related products.

Major trading partners: National Training Center, Self-Defense Forces Physical Education School, Police Agency, Japan Bicycle Racer Training Center, Nihon University, Kyushu International University, Hosei University, Nippon Sport Physical Education University, Chuo University, Rikkyo University, Keio University, National Defense Academy of Japan, Tokyo International University, Heisei International University, Waseda University, High schools all over Japan with weightlifting clubs , etc. Azkki wear offers a bold and energetic leotards proudly made in Japan, and physical care products that support the body of every dancers.

Weightlifting and ballet may seems like completely different things, but both ballet dancers and weightlifters are required to put a lot of strain on the body. Therefore, we will always propose new ideas from each other’s industries and provide well-thought-out products that maximize the performance of athletes and dancers.